Ima ve Aba shel Shabat

Risha Deutsch is the Director of the Green School Chabad Kindergarten and the Shlicha (Emissary) of Chabad in Romania for the past 20 years, mission that she’s fulfilling together with her husband, Rabbi Naftali Deutsch and their 6 children.

You can often see Risha, coordinating a huge program of hundreds of people, while holding the hands of her small kids, giving advices and indications, while running on heels and already thinking of the other 3 things that she’s planning at the same time.

What is special about the way Chabad works is that the shlichim move to a country not just for a pre-defined term, but have a “one way ticket”. They themselves live in the local community and raise their children there.

In Romania, Chabad has many different operations, which developed over the many years of activity, including the synagogue, kindergarten, kosher store, Bar & Bat Mitzva preparations, activities for children, teens, students, women, study circles, kosher & Shabat food delivery, Mikva, visits of the elderly and many, many more. For updates and extra details about Chabad in Romania, check their Facebook page.

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